deep web and dark web



The use of the internet takes place on a daily basis and it is used on different platforms for different purposes.

In most cases, one is likely to get confused when differentiating between the deep and dark web and where to access particular information. In order to mark out the difference, it is worthwhile to understand that the internet exists first as the surface web that is then divided into the deep and dark web.

the web overview

By definition, the deep web is the part of the internet that does not have indexing and can be visited directly. In this case, you can visit the web directly and search.

On the other hand, dark web refers to the part of the internet that is only easily accessible anonymously; being possible to access using software that has the ability to hide your IP address. To add, the deep web is accessible to anybody while you can only access the dark web using special web browsers.

In order to access the deep web, there are no directions required as the addresses are always waiting for you to access while on the other hand, the dark web is guided by some procedure guided by specific steps; where one is first supposed to get a virtual private network (VPN) we recommend use of NordVPN it is the best we know.

The second step is to download the TOR browser bundle followed by a number of other steps.

Notably, the deep web can be used to relay information that does not require accord of a high level of privacy and can be accessible to the general public.

On the contrary, the dark web can be used by friends or private entities that need their information to remain personal or private.

The deep web, therefore, provides a platform for the upload and access of academic information, medical records, legal documents, government reports, financial information, subscription-only information and repositories of particular organizations.

On the contrary, the dark web constitutes information on political protests, illegal activities and particular terms of reference (TOR).

The dark web can also be looked at as a subset of the deep web and in this regard, the deep web forms part of the entire worldwide web beyond the reach of the conventional search engines.

Besides, the deep web is used to carry out legitimate engagements while the dark web can be used to carry out illegitimate or nefarious activities, for instance, the purchase of drugs, transacting in counterfeit currencies, and issuance of forged papers and exchange of illegal firearms.

As a result, the dark web has been manipulated and used to conduct among other activities, terrorism, and criminality.

The deep web requires one to search using particular keywords or search string and as a result, it tends to be slower than the dark web search engine that has unique and particularized information.

More, the deep web has been in existence for very long times while the dark web evolved out of the deep web when people realized they can communicate using the website while at the same time protect what they share from unauthorized access.

Therefore, the deep web is used for the common good of the general public whereas the dark web provides a platform for people with common interest so as to enhance and facilitate their interaction.