The nature of the content in the dark web to some extent dictates the nature and procedure that allow its access and utilization. Essentially, it is easy to access the dark web or your presence on the web to be noticed. Since the web area has the .onion domain, access is done by the use of TOR using the TOR browser bundles.

To begin accessing, obtain a good virtual private network (VPN), we recommend NordVPN and ensure you use it all the time, whether or not you are using TOR.

Process to access the darkweb safely using VPN
This is an effective procedure to access the dark web safely using VPN

Ensure you keep your anonymity when visiting the darknet particularly if you are viewing the illegal markets.  The use of a VPN gives you a fake identity and could even hide your location and therefore any attempts to trace you leads to a different place.

The VPN also keeps hackers or any malicious individuals from accessing your files from your computer or even stealing them. A good VPN does not keep logos, works fast and accepts a wide range of payments preferably the bitcoins.

An ideal VPN should not be problematic to install, better if you buy one which only needs a single or double click then it is good to go. NordVPN is the best.

Once the VPN is home, download a dark web browser, also called the TOR browser bundle from the official website. It is possible to use any browser to access the deep web, but this does not hold for the dark web.

Tor browser for dark web access.
the latest version of tor browser download page to access the dark web

Afterward, be keep to close all the other windows and any app that lead to other websites like Skype, iCloud, OneDrive or Google Drive.

Before carrying on, open the VPN app and connect it to another location different from where you are. In this case, use the OpenVPN protocol since it is the most secure.

Once you have grasped the right site for the actual browser, install it on your computer or devise (PC or Mac). Obtain it from the appropriate folder and click install and allow it to complete the installation.

In the fourth step, trace the browser and click “start browser” option and this gives you the suitable anonymity that you desire. At this point, your search is very safe and you can access the .onion website without worry.

First page of the tor browser
The first page of tor browser for accessing the dark web.

You have all the freedom to access any black market that you desire at a particular time. In this step, the TOR opens in a browser window that could be portable if you are using the FireFox.

Having come this far, it is now possible to conduct your searches and access anything that is found within this domain.

Always be cautious when using the website because there are always many users who want to hack and steal people’s information.

Next, ensure you don’t minimize or change the size of the current window as this poses a great risk. The FEDS contain programs that are capable of matching the identities on various things with others like the browser size.

Importantly, always turn off the JavaScript since the TOR does not always assure 100% anonymity. In the next step, block your camera or seal the webcam on your computer with black tape.

Crafty hackers will always find access to your computer using the cameras and webcam. Also, disconnect your microphone or cover it to safeguard your conversations from being accessed by unauthorized persons.

As a precaution, never use your real credentials when on the dark web. Use aliases and anonymous emails so though that, you will not be tracked easily.