Top 10 Darknet live markets.

List of the available darknet markets


Top 10 dark web markets that are in operation.


Getting a reliable darknet market sites can be an overwhelming task since the online market place is flooded with numerous platforms.

Most of the platforms and darknet market sites have been making airwaves in various news and media platforms for being shut down since they are the home of illegal activities.

From tailored items and bulky wholesale goods to prohibited drugs and details such as stolen vehicles or bank details, the darknet market and platforms are one the largest facilitators.

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In this post, we review ten famous darknet market that you need to look out for, offering you a comprehensive deep web market guide and insight into what happens.

Empire Market

Empire marketplace was created in 2018 and was reshaped after the Alphabay market that was closed down in 2017.

Empire market logo
This is the Empire market Logo

You can pay for the products using Bitcoin, Monero or Litecoin. With a total listing of 3488, the site features a drug listing of 1485.  

This is one of the most growing markets with a beautiful user interface.  

Silk Road 3.0

The name Silk Road is prevalent among people who buy drugs online. All the original Silk Road websites have been shut down, but the most surprising things are that another one with the same name is created.

Silk road 3 logo
Silk road 3 logo

For this reason, you need to be cautious of utilizing this platform the market place accepts a wide variety of crypto coins such as Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.  

The marketplace has recorded the highest listing of 51074 and drug listing of 33291.

Point / T•chka Free Market

Tochka marketplace has been rebranded in Point / T•chka Free Market. The website allows you to buy drugs and concert tickets.

The good thing about this platform is that it features a vendor warming system where you can report traders for scam attempts.

poin tochka logo
point tochka logo

Cryptocurrencies used in this platform include Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. It has a total listing of 19488 whereby the drug listings is 7190.

The entry to this dark web is open. The market place has the highest drug listing of 19488 and drug listing of 7160.

The Wall Street market

The Wall Street marketplace is one of the latest, an advanced and up-to-date website on the darknet. It comes with numerous unique features.

Wall Street offers the capability of PGP 2-factor authentication, a message notification system and an auto store for digital products.

Furthermore, exit scams are unmanageable since the user’s cash is not entirely controlled by the website.

wallstreet market logo
wallstreet market logo

The marketplace comes with other components like a badge reward system and beneficial EXIF remover for unloaded pictures.

The accepted cryptocurrencies include Monero and Bitcoin.

Nightmare market

The new revolution of darknet website offers new interesting features, enchanted seller/buyer security, active support, and multisig.

nightmare market logo
nightmare market logo

The platform allows the use of various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, Zcash, Bitcoin and Litecoin. The total listing is 1700.

Dream market

Dream market website has been in existence for the past five years, and it’s a regular escrow market platform. It supports Monero, Bitcoin cash, and Bitcoin.  

The site is closing by 04/30/2019 and moving to a partnering company. Domain to be shared soon.

dream market closing
dream market closing


Berlusconi market

The marketplace was launched during the 2017 summer. It doesn’t feature the forced vendor PGP or a multisig but it contains a 2-factor verification.

Berlusconi market offers a 2% commission and the vendor bond ranges from $0-250. Accepts two leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and Monero.

The site has the highest listing of 12224 where the listing for drugs is 6459.


Drugmarket is known to be a scam site and for this reason, experts recommend to avoid this marketplace if you intend to protect your cash.

They only accept bitcoin as their payment mode. The market place features a total drug listing of 3075.

Zion Market

The Zion marketplace has automated PGP, 2FA and multisig account wallets. The charges tend to be low for new users, and it allows for purchasing different types of goods fast and easy.

The buyer can choose a two-of-two option where the vendor and server have keys or a two-to-three option where the buyer has a key as well.

Zion market works with Monero, and it transfers your purchase to BTC multisig address. The market features 3450  listing where drug listing 2471.

AltBay market

On this marketplace, you will come across various types of herbs, drugs, peptide, steroids, and CC&ID cards.

This is an escrow market where you purchase using Bitcoin.


Cannabis Growers and Merchants Cooperative

This is one of the leading invite only darknet market website that is very private.

The market place has been in existence since 2016, and it specializes in cannabis and psychedelics. You can’t purchase the goods using Ethereum or Monero since the only accepted cryptocurrency is bitcoin.

Doesn’t have a vendor bond and the commission offered ranges from 2-3 percent. The site has a total listing of 963.


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